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Legal Services

What are legal services?

These are services needed to facilitate court actions. Actions such as serving legal papers, filing papers with the courts, researching case files, serving writs, and researching business filings are all part of the legal services that Projects Investigative Services offer.
Often associated with the legal world of attorneys, legal services are needed and used by all who have ever entered a court room or have the need for research stemming from legal problems.

They include:

Service of Civil Process
Service of Writs
Service of Post Judgment Liens
Research of Fictitious Business names and Business licenses
Secretary of State filings
Witness Locations
Pre-Nuptial Backgrounds

These are just some of the legal services that Projects Investigative Services, a fully Registered Process Server and Private Investigative agency, has to offer.
So whether you are an attorney firm or a citizen in need of legal services, contact Projects Investigative Services and see what we can do for you.


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