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An Apostille is an authentication of foreign documents by member nations of the Hague Convention, signed in 1961 and adopted by the U.S. in 1981.

Read about Apostilles and why they may be needed.

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Secretary of State

Projects Investigative Services, serves the public and private industry with Secretary of State filing and retrievals.

Currently Secretary of State filings and retrievals are taking 3 to 6 weeks to process, when processed by mail.

As a private service company registered with the Secretary of State's office, Projects delivers and retrieves documents by hand to the Secretary of State with scheduled turnaround times of 48hr., 24hr, and same day delivery and pick up. 

Examples of Documentation Include


Foreign and Domestic
Articles of Incorporation  (Corp) or Organization (LLC)
Amendments and Conversions
Certificate of Dissolution and Cancellation
Registration of Limited Liability Partnership  (LLP)


Articles of Incorporation  (Corp) or Organization (LLC)
Certificates of Amendment
Certificate of Standing
Statement of Information
Notary Public Certification Verification

And More

If you have a deadline for filing or retrieval of a business entity, contact us by Phone, Email, or Fax. Projects Investigative Services can significantly reduce your waiting time with personal on-site service.
If your need is help setting up a business entity, whether filing forms, writing internal documents, or deciding the type of business entity you want to form, see our Business Solutions page for ideas to help you answer some of these questions.


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