Skip Tracers are professionals who specialize in locating those who have “disappeared on purpose”.

Skip Tracing

Webster's dictionary defines Skip Tracer as a person employed (as by an insurance company) to locate persons who disappeared leaving unpaid bills.
That's how it was in 1961. Now, more than 40 years later the meaning is much broader and Skip tracing covers more industry and individuals than ever before.

Industries use Skip Tracers to find customers who have run out on their bills, attorneys use Skip Tracers to find witnesses, creditors use Skip Tracers to locate debtors, executors use Skip Tracers to find heirs, and of course insurance companies still use Skip Tracers to find fraudulent claimants who have fled the scene.

Finding people is what Skip Tracers do! Not vehicles, not houses, not assets, but the people who hold the assets and don't want to be found, or those who don't know they have money coming to them or who have family looking for them, or, as is sometimes the case, those who don't know they're missing.


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