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These may be the most important books you will ever read.

When you have that "feeling", Gavin De Becker explains why you should pay attention to it and why we have been given the Gift of Fear.

If you think you know who they are, think again. Take a sobering look at what you have always known but have never been able to put your finger on.
Dr. Stout give some insight to who the sociopath really is.

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If this term is not familiar, then you should acquaint your self with it.

Check Him Out! The American Woman's Guide to Background Investigations


Ever had the experience where an employee wasn't what he appeared to be when you interviewed him?
The employee who seemed not to have the education she said she had on her application?
The reference that he gave you turns out to be a friend who has no official authority to reference his previous "work" and, it is now nine months later and his probationary period is over?
Given veterans preference credits and found out the discharge was forged?
The employee is hired without the benefit of a criminal record check, and now has assaulted another employee.

Consider the cost to an employer if these or other inconsistencies happen after the fact of hiring. The training time that went into the employee. The loss of workers compensation insurance premiums and 401k matching deposits. A supervisor's time to train, and human resources time and paper work. And now? Retraining of a new employee and all the time and money involved to do so. In addition, a lawsuit for wrongful termination by the now ex-employee, or negligent hiring by the assault victim, has now ensued.

It happens more often than you might think.

Employers often do not have the time and/or resources to do thorough background screening of potential new employees. Human resources and personnel offices are concerned with the day to day activities of their employees and may not have the time to devote to the pre-screening of new hires that is desired.
You need to know whom you are hiring. Thorough background checks on job applicants before you hire them can screen out those who could become liabilities to your firm.

After starting a business the next important step is to know who and what you are dealing with as a business entity. Background investigations are not just for pre-employment, but also for assessing your venders, partners, subcontractors, and associates. More often than not, businesses and HR departments utilize low cost backgrounds ranging from $10 to $30 just to cover their liability in the work place.

And what about

Wrongful Termination


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